Self-Massage For Headache Relief

Ashley Waite

For many individuals experiencing grief, headaches, aches, and pain are common grief reactions. If you find yourself experiencing headache pain, self-massage may help release tension and increase states of relaxation. To do a head massage for headache relief, follow these steps from Healthline: 

1. Lower your shoulders away from your ears. Straighten your neck and back.

2. Locate the base of your skull. Place the pointer and middle fingers of each hand in the center, fingertips touching. 

3. Apply gentle pressure and slide your fingers outward or downward, moving in the direction that feels best. 

4. Move the fingers in small circular motions. Focus on the tense spots, along with the areas around it. 

If headaches are common in your grief journey, consider building in small, bite-sized moments for proper nutrition, hydration, stretching, and deep breathing.

For additional tips and tricks, watch this video.

Source: Sullivan, D. (2020, April 17). How to Ease Pain with Self-Massage. Retrieved February 11, 2021, from

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