Grief Education

How Does Journaling While Grieving Impact The Brain?

Ashley Waite

Lisa Shulman, MD, FAAN, professor of neurology at the University of Maryland and author of writes “journaling helps short-circuit the chronic stress following traumatic events. Reconnecting and becoming more comfortable with suppressed memories calms the fear center of the brain, which is on overdrive during the grieving process.”

For many grieving individuals, journaling can be a therapeutic tool as it helps one access suppressed emotions and memories while allowing the writer to draw new insight and perspective. If you would like to start journaling but are unsure where to begin, we invite you to use our digital journaling tool within our web-based app. To access, sign-up for your account today!

Source: Shulman, Lisa. How to Manage Grief Through Journaling. 6 June 2019,

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