How 2 Servings Of Walnuts A Day Can Protect Your Brain

Ashley Waite

After the death of a loved one, many grieving individuals comment on the decline of memory, concentration, and information processing. While this is a normal reaction to grief, it can be unnerving. These cognitive changes are due in part to a temporary flood of neurochemicals in the brain.

Lisa M. Shulman, MD author of Before and After Loss: A Neurologist’s Perspective on Loss, Grief, and the Brain, suggests a new term for the effects of grief on the brain - emotional traumatic brain injury.

In an effort to support cognitive health while grieving, eating 1-2 servings of organic walnuts per day could be a beneficial consideration to discuss with your primary care provider or nutritionist. The nutrient profile of this nut has been shown to reduce oxidative stress, inflammation, and subsequently improve memory, information processing, and concentration.

Source: Easton, Emily. Food for Thought: The Role of Walnuts in Cognitive Function and Healthy Aging. 21 December 2020.

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