Grief Education

Grief Support During A Pandemic

Ashley Waite

In life, we are all touched by grief. As the pandemic continues, people all over the world have experienced a collective mourning. The bereavement multiplier, a model that estimates how many people will experience grief as a result of a loved one dying to this virus, estimates that 9 individuals will be bereaved for every coronavirus death. Globally, this is catastrophic.

It is commonly heard from those who have lost a loved one in this pandemic, that they feel as if their loved one was “just a statistic” or “just another number”. What they want the world to know was that their person was more than a number - they were a person who lived, who had a story, and people who loved them.

If you are experiencing grief due to this pandemic, we are so sorry. Your person mattered and deserves to be more than another number in a growing count. We are so sorry our media and collective society has failed to convey the gravity of your loss and grief. Grieving during a pandemic throws out all the rules and traditions we have commonly relied on for support. If your grief journey feels exceptionally hard - it is because it is. As a society, we are redefining grief care in real-time.

In addition to private grief counseling, we invite you to connect with our private, peer support group on Facebook.

Benefits of grief support groups include support from others who can relate to how you are feeling, a haven of understanding, imparting of information, and a sense of belonging in a community that accepts and validates your pain. While there are pitfalls of groups, finding a group that works for you can be a helpful consideration to processing grief.

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