Grief Wellness' concept was sparked in July of 2020 when our founder, Ashley Waite, began to hypothesize that the world was on the cusp of a silent public health crisis - one of grief. Blending principles of holistic and traditional support, Grief Wellness is building a new way to companion the bereaved. Through mental health guidance, body-based practices, and grief education, we offer holistic grief support wherever you are in your journey.

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Ashley Waite
Founder, CEO

Blending a diverse background in public health, program development, and the funeral industry, Ashley is passionate about utilizing a mind-body approach for grief support.

Focusing on the areas of mental health, nutrition, body-based support, and grief education, she is excited to lay the foundation for the world's first on-demand app for personalized and holistic grief support.

Geneviève Brûlé
Naturopathic Doctor, Yoga Instructor

Dr. Geneviève Brûlé is a licensed naturopathic doctor and yoga teacher practicing in Vancouver, Canada.

In her practice, Geneviève uses naturopathic medicine, counseling, mindfulness, and yoga to support patients on their healing journey. Her approach is trauma-informed and focuses on the mind, body, soul connection.

Hayley Yarish
Registered Counsellor, Reiki Practitioner

In her practice, Hayley specializes in supporting individuals navigating the wilderness of grief, loss, and life transitions in British Columbia, Canada.

Her therapeutic approach is integrative, trauma-informed and focused on addressing the whole person - mind body and spirit.

Message from the founder

Hi! I’m Ashley, founder of Grief Wellness.

While I’m happy you are here, I am so sorry you find yourself in need. Grief can be such a lonely, misunderstood, and confusing journey filled with many twists and turns. As a society, we are so far removed from death that most of us are completely unprepared to move through it. As a result, we often don’t know where to begin.

Eleven years ago, I married into a 120-year-old family business outside of Cleveland, Ohio, where my husband is a fifth-generation funeral home owner. Recognizing an ongoing need to make grief care accessible to all, I began building a holistic grief wellness program that eliminated traditional silos and costs that prevented individuals from managing their grief.

As a western society, the way we care for the bereaved is in deep need of reform. I believe the core tenants of grief care involve a mind-body approach, focusing on the areas of mental health, body-based support, and grief education.

As one of the very first participants on this platform, your feedback will be instrumental in informing the types of content we will feature in our forthcoming on-demand mobile application. Thank you for joining me as we move forward, together.

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