Your personal guide for life after loss.

Losing a loved one is hard. We'll help you by providing personalized, online mind-body grief support wherever you call home.

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It's hard to know how to move forward

Grief is a normal and natural reaction to death and loss. Despite popular belief, there are no stages of grief, nor a neat, linear progression. When your world has been shattered, it can feel impossible to know how to navigate a life that is no longer familiar. If you've ever felt this way, we want you to know that you are not alone.

Utilizing your loss type, current emotion, and grief triggers, you will receive personalized, holistic support, that will help you learn how to carry your grief alongside your broken heart.

Support options are siloed

Did know that grief can weaken your immune system, increase blood pressure, cause changes in your digestive system, lead to headaches, difficulty with decision-making, and disturbed sleep?

Despite the potential for grief and stress to affect all 12 systems in the body, grief support is commonly viewed and treated solely through the lens of mental health. This traditional model of grief support doesn't address the myriad ways grief affects the body, thus leaving individuals and counselors to piece together siloed resources for complete mind-body care.

We believe there is a better way. We'll put the pieces of the puzzle together so you don't have to.


Breathe through your grief with guided meditations and breath work.


Support your body through yoga, movement, and nutrition.


Access personalized content based upon your current emotional state and loss type.

We are here to help

Grief Wellness provides a new model of personalized all-in-one grief support that meets you where you are. Your participation will allow us to guide you towards activities and resources that will help you find your personal wellness.


Reflect on your day through mood tracking and journaling to improve states of mental and physical wellbeing.


Access personalized educational material to provide insight and guidance for your most pressing questions.


Engage with a variety of mind-body practices to help you move forward while staying connected with your loved one.


Repeating this cycle of grief wellness will allow you to see patterns in your emotions and track progress over time.

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